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From solid chocolate to chocolate shells

We will shape up your chocolate!

A multitude of solutions for the moulding of fancy chocolates, tablets or hollow figures.

This is how your chocolate takes shape: We produce chocolate moulds for all solid, centre-filled and hollow moulding lines. For all these moulds we are exclusively using highest grades of FDA-approved materials. These materials will safeguard highest durability against dynamic strain, optimal resilience against washing detergents. Dimensional stability up to 135°C, excellent demouldability, a brilliant surface finish as well as a long-time performance.

Gentle and cost-effective use of materials
Our CARBONIT moulds and book moulds are chocolate moulds made with high-grade polycarbonate for the manufacture of solid and filled chocolate items, as well as hollow figures. These moulds are being made on state-of-the-art injection-moulding machines using only the gentlest processes for resources and product.
Our DUR-FOLIT plastic moulds are thermoformed (deep-drawn) plastic moulds made from polycarbonate and other high-grade plastic films for the manufacture of chocolate hollow figures and chocolate shells. Our manufacturing process on latest technology thermoforming plant will result in a cost-effective product. 

Exquisite ingredients, individual recipes and innovative shapes turn your chocolate product into a delight – for the palet as well as for the eyes. As your partner, we will support you in your ambition for economic production, efficient packaging and attractive presentation. Because in Kaupert is where you will receive all these benefits out of one hand. From design development over to production of chocolate moulds on to the tray packaging and the appropriate de-nesting equipment. This is our concept for your individual requirements.

We are value-added partners for your first-class products!

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